What to bring to registration

    • All players who are new to the club (all ages, not just youth) are required to show proof of date of birth.
    • Any government ID which shows Date of Birth (e.g., birth certificate, health card, drivers license, age of majority card, passport, other) is acceptable.
  • The player's parent/guardian (if the player is younger than 18 on the registration date)
    • Because the player registration form is a legal release and a commitment, it cannot be signed on your behalf by a friend/neighbour.
  • Payment
    • Our preferred method of payment is cheque but we will accept cash as well.
    • Cheques payable to AMBUSC.
    • You can pay the player fee for more than one player on a single cheque (e.g., 2 children and a parent, one cheque for the total). We do not accept cheques post-dated to the start of the season.


  • Note: When dropping off your registration form, players who are 'NEW' to the club, and wish to play in the adult category, please provide a actual passport size photograph when registering.
Last Updated: Fri Jan 10, 14