Jan 12, 2017
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1) How many registration sessions are there?

2) Are their late registration fees?

  • No late Fees.
  • Early Bird Fees save $40 compared to regular fees.
  • Regular fees start April 1st

3) How much is it?

  • Fee is U4-U8 is $100,  U10-U19 is $130,  Adult $180  Family discount for 3 children or more you receive a discount of $20/child

4) How many players normally register each year?

  • Our normal goal is between 600 to 700 for our outdoor program

5) Are you looking for volunteers? Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Executive Members, Conveners, Organizers?

  • We are always looking for volunteers at all levels and normally draw from player parents. If you are interested in volunteering, email the club administrator

6) When does the season start?

  • Youth U16 and U19 start mid May,  U4-U15 practice in May and start season beginning of June

7) Can people mail in/drop off their registration forms anywhere?

  • No drop offs
  • Registration night TBD at Nigh SMith Centre
  • Online registration at your convenience

8) What do people need to bring to the registration session?

  • New players to the club need to contact registrar to verify age.

9) What is the youngest age group that you have?

  • Our youngest age group is the U4 Division

10) When does the season wrap up?

  • Season ends mid August

11) As far as travelling - do any of the teams travel to play soccer?

  • U4-U8 stay in town
  • U10,12,15 play in GLSL with West Carleton, Almonte, Carleton Place
  • U16 and U19 play VUSL up the Valley

12) What is LTPD and how does it affect my child?      

  • LTPD is an acronym which stands for Long Term Player Development


  • LTPD is a framework used to describe the evolution of development of a player.
  • In more human terms, LTPD is a model to be used by Ontario Soccer Clubs to "right" the soccer ship in Ontario (and throughout Canada).


  • There has been plenty of mis-stated facts about LTPD, usually by those not really understanding LTPD.
  • LTPD is NOT about taking competitiion or the desire to win away from players.
  • LTPD is NOT about turning our youngsters into a "play nice" generation.
  • LTPD is NOT about lumping all players together into one big happy family.


  • LTPD is about treating each player as an individual and giving each individual an opportunity to develop at their own pace and to their own individual optimum level.
  • LTPD is about putting the horse before the cart such that players grow and develop at their own natural pace. We would never consider teaching a child to read before they know the alphabet. Soccer is no different; players must first learn to run/jump/balance/coordinate before we expect them to strike a soccer ball and once they are ready to learn to play with a soccer ball they need to be given an opportunity to learn how to keep it under control otherwise it just rolls away from them.


  • Soccer rich nations around the world have long practiced LTPD principles
  • (for example, in Spain, players do not compete for standings until U15).
  • LTPD is nothing new. The Canadian Soccer Association has simply adopted athletic and soccer development principles from best practices around the world.


  • The implementation of LTPD is a very large task and one we take very seriously at AMBUSC Soccer. In general, the implementation of LTPD means more opportunities for the individual, programs designed for a players development level rather than their chronological age, alot more game play for our players - overall, a whole lot more FUN.


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